Armie Hammer’s Wife Just Came To His Defense After A Video Of His Young Son Sucking On His Toes Was Met With Backlash

So, kids put everything in their mouths.  That’s just a fact of life.

So sometimes, it stands to reason, a parent’s foot would end up in there.  Armie Hammer’s child is no different.

A video surfaced on Hammer’s Instagram of his child sucking on his toes.  The video has since been taken down, but Perez Hilton reposted it:

Now this alone wouldn’t have been weird, but the hashtag, #footfetishonfleek, was really really making some people uncomfortable.

Yeeeeeah.  It’s….weird.

In order to counteract the backlash Hammer received for the stranger than strange hashtag, his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, commented on Perez Hilton’s post.



“I put the video on the family stream because this phrase is an ongoing joke,” Chambers explained.

“Sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on [Armie’s] part, but I can assure you that our children’s safety and well-being is always our first priority.”

But still, it’s………pretty undeniably completely and totally weird, right?

People think, decidedly, yes.

There are some videos that should never see the light of day.

That was clearly one.

Think before you press “share,” folks.

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