Jason Momoa Had The Perfect Response When Asked If He’s Bothered By People Criticizing His ‘Dad Bod’

After a photo of Jason Momoa on vacation appeared in US Weekly recently, the internet had a minor freakout that the ripped star of Aquaman seemed to have a “Dad Bod.”

Though his muscles weren’t as ultra-defined as they might have been for his blockbuster movies, the actor was still in excellent shape, leading many to criticize the unhealthy standards placed upon the actor.

Twitter quickly rushed to Momoa’s defense!

In the wake of the controversy, TMZ approached Momoa at an airport and asked him about his “Dad Bod.”

He had the perfect response.

He wasn’t joking around about the birthday cake, by the way!

If Momoa’s dad bod was wrong, many people didn’t want to be right.

Momoa isn’t going to let some random trolls on Twitter bring him down.

In the meantime, we could all be better about how we talk about people and their bodies.

Most men would kill for Momoa’s “dad bod.”

Frankly, pretty much anyone would kill for Momoa’s dad bod.

Happy Birthday to the King of the Seas himself!

He’s not going to let any randos get in the way of his celebration.

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