Chris Evans Just Eviscerated Tomi Lahren After She Criticized Immigrants Who Bring Their Kids To The U.S. For Being ‘Sh*tty Parents’

On July 30, Tomi Lahren was the subject of widespread criticism for a tweet which accused immigrant parents of being “s**tty.”

Among the many people who pushed back against Lahren’s sentiment was Captain America himself: Chris Evans.

Many others on Twitter piggybacked on Evans’s post, saying he was right to deliver the smack down.

If Captain America is putting you in your place, you must be doing something wrong.

Many people expanded on Evans’s idea that immigrants aren’t leaving their homes and putting themselves in danger for no reason.

Evans did also get a little bit of heat, however, for the way some thought his metaphor was directly comparing Central American countries to hell.

But, for the most part, Twitter continued its years-long love affair with the good Captain.

All parents out there know the lengths they would go to to help their children.

Perhaps Evans is just the person to remind Lahren of this.

And, if nothing else, getting burned by Captain America on Twitter might just help Lahren’s (comparatively) struggling online presence! 

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