Rainn Wilson Just Epically Shut Down A Young ‘Office’ Fan Who Wanted A Picture But Didn’t Know His Name

Actors bring roles to life every day. Some are so thorough in their portrayal that it becomes impossible for audiences to extricate them from their characters.

Sitcoms are the perfect place for this to happen. Who doesn’t think of Everybody Loves Raymond when they see Ray Romano? Or Frasier when they see Kelsey Grammar?

Some actors have worked hard to rebrand themselves after long-running shows, like Neil Patrick Harris who took unexpected roles in  Gone Girl  and A Series of Unfortunate Events after spending 9 years as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.

Rainn Wilson brought the character of Dwight Schrute from The Office to life so well that many people think of him as his character first and foremost.

Case in point: the actor was recently walking on the street when some kid came up to him asking if he was Dwight. Not Rainn, but Dwight.

Wilson proceeded to answer literally, saying he wasn’t.

The kid disagreed and claimed to be the “BIGGEST Office fan” and asked for a picture.

Rainn decided to play hard ball and asked:

“What’s my name?”

Check out the full account from Rainn’s Twitter.

People can’t get over how the actor roasted the kid.

“damn we need more respect for my guy Rainn”JohnaldFucceroni

“That kid actually got the ultimate autograph by being classically Dwighted by Rainn.” Help-Im-A-Rock

“BOOM! Roasted.” ReddyMcRedditorface

But the Rainn’s actions weren’t even the most epic part of the story.

His cast mate Creed Bratton Tweeted his own response.

The response was so good that it got its own Reddit thread.


But honestly, could Rainn have done a more Dwight thing?

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