Some Guy Tried To Use Miley Cyrus As An Example Of Why You Should Never Date Bisexuals—And Halsey Called Him Out

We regret to inform you that the straight men have been triggered yet again. 

What’s got them in their feelings this time? Those pesky bisexuals. Specifically, the fact that they, like, exist. Specifically, in the form of one Miley Cyrus.

You may have heard that Miley and her husband Liam are calling it quits after less than a year of wedded bliss. Why are they splitting? No one seems to know, because neither Miley nor Liam nor their reps nor the “sources” speaking to the press have given any specifics.

But not to worry, some random internet straight dude has apparently cracked the case!

No need to check your calendar–you haven’t been teleported back to 1993. It is still 2019 and we’re still having this conversation with the kind of dumb men who are deep, deep in their feelings about the fact that there are women in the world who could be perfectly content without the aid of men’s wieners.

Anyway, one noted bisexual, who’s also a good friend of Miley’s, was simply not having any of this. Grammy-winning singer Halsey took to Twitter to be like “LOL NAH” to this troll who’s so good at trolling he’s amassed 98 followers in four years. 


There’s really nothing better than when someone is polite when dragging someone to filth. Talk about trolling!

Of course, this being Twitter, a bunch of people had to come out of the woodwork to be like “HOW CAN YOU BE BI WHEN YOU BONE DUDES” which… what? How are you this stu–you know what, nevermind, just read the tweets:

But thankfully Halsey’s fans were on the case to prove her bisexual bona fides!

Case closed!

Anyway, as for ol’ Tigerbob, Halsey naturally wasn’t the only person on the internet who was rolling her eyes to death at him and all other straight men of his ilk:

And, Halsey’s call-out earned her no small number of Twitter props. People were here for it!

One person even called for Halsey to form the ultimate bisexual power couple…

Anyway, final score: Ladies Loving Ladies – Infinity, Tigerbob – 98 followers in four years despite epic clout chasing.

Another decisive victory for the non-straights!