James Blunt Just Found His Unlikely Female Doppelgänger In Sportscaster Faye Carruthers

Science says the likelihood of us all having a doppelgänger somewhere is surprisingly high.

But what are the odds of ever finding yours amongst the vast expanse of humanity? And the odds of them being the opposite gender and them just showing up on the telly and also the odds of you being famous Grammy-nominated singer James Blunt all at the same time?

It’s gotta be one in infinitybillion, but that’s exactly what’s happened to the aforementioned James Blunt, singer of the mid-2000s most “oh my God how is this song playing again”  song, “You’re Beautiful.”

Blunt, whose latest album The Afterlove is available here, recently tweeted about finding his doppelgänger in Sky Sports newscaster Faye Carruthers, and the resemblance is so uncanny it’s taken Twitter by storm.

It’s crazy!

Prove that isn’t James Blunt in a wig with a headset on. You can’t.

Oh wait. 

Ok, yeah no, it definitely IS two different persons. But still: Look at them side-by-side.


Blunt has become well known in the UK for his excellent Twitter wit–often at his own expense.

He’s even riffed on his status as a one-hit wonder:

But Carruthers, a well-known sports broadcaster and voiceover artist in the UK, has proven to be as game for the joke as Blunt is. She’s been a really good sport about all of this, and having lots of fun with the Twitter response.

Someone even dug deep into Blunt’s past tweets to keep the joke running.

And Carruthers just kept joining in on the fun.

Though the out-of-nowhere Twitter blow-up seems to definitely have caught Carruthers by surprise.

As for the rest of the Twittersphere, much like Carruthers herself, they’ve been endlessly amused by this bit of mistaken identity.

And of course, there were about a million tweets riffing on Blunt’s ubiquitous Bush-era ballad: