Andy Richter Calls Out Airline Passenger For Putting His Bare Feet On The Back Of A Seat

For those of us who hate to fly, the reasons are already nearly endless. Baggage fees, TSA getting grabby, that weird airplane smell, people who disturb that weird airplane smell by eating fish on board, turbulence, people who clap when the plane lands … you get what I’m saying.

Lately, there has been a new foe in the fight to fly the friendly skies – and comedian Andy Richter has had enough of it. The comedian was aboard a flight recently when he had to witness a grown man get told multiple times to take his filthy bare feet off of the area where touch screens are mounted. Touch screens, the things we all touch when flying.

Apparently this man had no problem spreading his toe funk all over them. Our personal favorite part is how even the dog underneath him looks skeeved-out by this. 




Andy and the flight crew asked the man to move his feet multiple times to no avail. Finally, Richter decided to just Tweet about the sordid tale of toes. 

@AndyRichter / Twitter


@AndyRichter / Twitter


@AndyRichter / Twitter



The sheer number of people who have also had to deal with other people’s feet all over the place during a flight is honestly really, deeply disturbing. We shouldn’t have to tell you this but your bare feet and naked toes do not belong anywhere but in your shoes or socks. Please do not rub your feet all over armrests, other people’s seats, bulkheads, etc.

Don’t be like these folks. 

@djmongol / Twitter


@AlafairBurke / Twitter


@fakedansavage / Twitter



Twitter was absolutely grossed out… which we honestly find kind of comforting. If most of the world was out here defending the funky feet we would be bummed out. Unfortunately, there seems to be an outright epidemic of flagrant feet. 

@endp8triarchy / Twitter


@yateswilburn / Twitter


@moohoggle / Twitter


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@cierrairish / Twitter




So now we all understand that video of Naomi Campbell wiping down practically the whole world before she touched anything. It’s not that she’s “too good” for public spaces as some people implied, it’s that she knows people like this guy exist. For more stuff like this (and much, much worse) check out Passenger Shaming on Instagram.


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