Ryan Reynolds Tweets That You Can Only See a Spider-Man/Deadpool Movie ‘In My Heart’

When news broke that contract negotiations between Sony and Disney had fallen through, resulting in Spider-Man’s likely removal from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero fans everywhere cried out in anguish.

But of all the possibilities destroyed by Spidey’s removal from the MCU, perhaps the most heartbreaking is the impossibility of a crossover between the web-slinger and Deadpool, who was recently acquired by Disney through 20th Century Fox.

No one knows this better than Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

When fans saw Reynolds’ response, their hearts broke all over again.

Perhaps a man with the connections of a star can do something to help the situation!

Please help us, Ryan Reynolds…you’re our only hope.

Spider-Man and Deadpool share a bond that will never be completely realized onscreen.

Many fans wished they could journey into the heart of Ryan Reynolds to watch his dream-movie.

But while we might make jokes, the only thing any Spider-Man fan can truly feel in this moment is a deep, unending sadness.

Goodbye, Spider-Man. If only we’d known you better.

There’s always the comics! Spider-Man/Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness is available here.

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