Christina Hendricks Shares That She Was On The Poster For ‘American Beauty’, And Fans Had No Idea

When you think Christina Hendricks, you think Mad Men, right?

Hendricks portrayed Joan Holloway on the critically acclaimed TV show for all seven seasons.

We remember her for amazing moments like this:

But then we say American Beauty, and you don’t think of Christina Hendricks, right?

As well you shouldn’t, because she wasn’t technically in the movie.

There is plenty else to remember about American Beauty, including a certain plastic bag.

AKA The scene that inspired Katy Perry.

But Christina Hendricks was involved with American Beauty, just not in a way you would expect.

Remember the poster?

Well, Hendricks was very specifically involved in that poster.


Peoples’ minds are literally blown.

Including other Mad Men co-stars and celebs.



American Beauty was released in 1999-when Hendricks was 24 years old.  Hendricks, now 44, has had a very varied career, including appearances in the film Drive, in the Lincoln Center production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, and as the voice of Gabby Gabby in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4.

Add this to the roster.

We wonder what other random celebrity body parts we may have seen in movie posters’ past.

The film American Beauty is available here.

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