Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively On Her Birthday By Sharing Unflattering Pictures Of Her On Instagram

Stars: they’re just like us! Including trolling each other on their birthdays.

That is, if they’re Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, at least. They’ve developed a sort of tradition of trolling each other on Instagram on their birthdays.

Such as this unflattering shot of Blake on the set of a movie that Ryan captioned “#nofilter.”


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Ha! Well played, Reynolds, well played.

Or this classic where Ryan is essentially not even IN the photo–but another extremely pined-after A-list Ryan definitely is–which Blake captioned, “Happy Birthday, baby.”


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Happy Birthday, baby.

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LOL, right? Very cute. Blake Lively: Infinity, Ryan Reynolds: Zero.

But this year on Blake’s birthday (which was this past Sunday) things got taken to a whole ‘nother level.

Reynolds didn’t just post one funny photo. He served us an album of unflattering, blurry or awkward shots!

Or at least… that’s what he tried to do…

The album starts out with a shot of Blake looking like a GD pregnant goddess.



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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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I mean, good lord, was she made in a laboratory? She’s perfect in all ways.

But then things get a little dicier as you swipe through! Ostensibly!


Okay. Awkward, maybe, because she looks stoned, or like she’s just spotted a particularly delicious cupcake on the ground. So, fine: we’ll give this one to Reynolds.

But keep swiping, and it falls apart FAST. Like this photo of that girl in high school we all wanted to be who was inhumanly beautiful, AND had a sense of humor. How embarrassing!



And then there’s this one, which I think is meant to be like “LOL no makeup weird angle so awkward”?


But in reality just turns out to be, like, one of those stock photos of a preternaturally lovely couple that comes with the picture frame when you buy it at Target? I mean be real, Blake still looks like a goddess here.

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Perhaps it’s just not possible to make Blake Lively look bad, which is certainly how Blake and Ryan’s celeb friends felt about it! 









And plenty of mere mortals agreed!

Though one of the photos did remind someone of a classic meme!

Others were just in love with one of Hollywood’s cutest couples:

So while it seems like Blake and Ryan have definitely won the favorite couple competition, it seems Ryan may have lost when it comes to trolling. But there’s always next year!