The New Host Of ‘Blues Clues’ Says He’s Flattered By All The People Thirsting Over Him, But ‘It Is A Little Weird’

Do you think Steve or Joe ever had to deal with this?

Josh Dela Cruz, the host of Nick Nick Jr.’s reboot of Blue’s Clues, is kind of a lil’ cutie.

The show was on the air from 1996-2006. Now a new generation will get to solve problems with Blue and her human companion.

Cruz shared the news with a clip on his Instagram which featured a few familiar faces.

And the internet really has not been shy about letting Cruz know he’s a hottie.

Steve could never.

Joe? Maybe…

The good news is, Cruz is flattered by all the attention he is relentlessly getting.

He told Buzzfeed News:

“It’s definitely flattering. It is a little weird only because you don’t think in your life you’ll ever get this kind of exposure.”

The new Blue’s Clues is set to launch in November and Cruz says he’s really excited to bring the show to a new audience.

“My relationship with Blue’s Clues is a little bit embarrassing because I was definitely not the target demographic when they released the show in the ’90s.”

He added:

“What’s crazier about this time around is when the show first came out there wasn’t any social media, and now we have a second audience because the kids who watched the show growing up have kids now.”

As for whether or not he’s a viable thirst trap: sorry friends.

He’s married and has been for about three years.

“I never, ever thought that I would trend on Twitter in any capacity,” Cruz said.

“So thank you to everyone who’s keeping this story alive, and in my old age I’ll look back at the fond day that I was trending as a thirst trap on Twitter.”

As shown in Cruz’s Instagram video, former hosts Steve Burns and Donovan “Joe” Patton both make a guest appearance in the series reboot. Burns was with the show from 1996-2002 and Patton from 2002-2006.

The new Blue’s Clues And You!, as the series will be called, will debut on November 11th.

See you there, fellow thirst trappers!

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