Azealia Banks Slams Lizzo As A ‘Millennial Mammy’ For White People In Instagram Rant

Lizzo is currently the queen of confidence boosting jams, DNA tests and being 100% that b*tch. The rest of us can manage like 65% at best.

Lizzo made history as one of only five black women to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this decade. Her concerts are selling out left and right.

She’s got movie roles in the making. Her VMA performance was arguably one of the most celebrated in recent years.

In other words, everyone is #TeamLizzo right now.

Everyone except Azealia Banks, that is.

At least half of you right now:

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For those of you unfamiliar with her, Azealia Banks is a rapper who had some minor buzz in 2015. The problem is that, as talented a musician as Banks is, she’s even more talented at shooting herself in the foot by picking—and terribly losing—social media fights with pretty much anyone and everyone.

This year alone she’s decided to take aim at Vince Staples, Cardi B, Rico Nasty, Lil Nas X, Jack Dorsey, the LGBT+ community, Kenny Beats and more.

In previous years she has made racist and homophobic comments about other artists, voiced fervent support for Donald Trump and some of his more controversial policies, and—most notably—got taken to task and dragged by Disney child star Skai Jackson.

So now you know the players. It’s time to explain what happened.

Banks took to social media to let loose her thoughts about Lizzo… and let’s just say her rant wasn’t exactly full of kind words for the budding young superstar.

(Edited for language.)

“Lmao the fact that the public and the media has been keeping this fat girl joke going for so long is honestly peak boredom. This song is not good, nor is the dumpy fat girl spectacle live set she does.”

“Saddest bit is that the girl is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine so long as she allows herself to be this millennial mammy of sorts… I honestly just hope this means she took the proverbial mammy L for Cupcakke (who she originally stole the schtick from) I would love to see Cupcakke flourish without the simultaneoud lust and disgust phenomenon Lizzo incites in the public.”

“Queen Latifah was able to represent for larger women without being disgusting or being a minstrel. So was Missy Elliot.”

“Lmao Lizzo is really millennial mammy I’m ready for this joke to be over.”


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But wait, there’s more! There’s so much more.

Banks continued:

“Like illiterate Cardi then fat Lizzo. They are really choosing the worst of the black women’s crop to advertise to America with.”

“These music execs have to realize that this data game is getting bigger than the USA. It’s not about tying to dumb the black American image and people down so obviously and so aggressively after ‘black lives matter’.”

“Corporations need to realize that black America is its only friend and begin to treat it with some love and respect. I guess they saw us moving too fast with it because if you realize, after Beyonce became political in ways they didn’t like, the top elite stopped giving her that top top spot and started cycling out these lessers like Cardi and Lizzo.”

“(Even Lil Nas X trash a$$ buckbreak mountain anthem) giving them Beyonce level accolades while both being nowhere near the level of black female excellence she is.”

“I dunno, I just think black culture is more than ever being infiltrated by white inventions (algorithms) and the execs (black and white) are complicit with all the social programming they’ve been tasked to do.”

“I understand the body positivity thing, but if it were that then the most vulgar bits of it wouldn’t be broadcast like that lmfao… imagine what the rest of the world thinks when they see Lizzo jumping around in leotards with cellulite.”

“No one says positivity – she looks like she is making a fool of her black self for a white American public. Nothing more nothing less… all of this is happening purposely.”

“It’s not because any of these people are talented or deserving lmao. I’s just because execs know they are new faces and they won’t ‘get out of line’ so to speak.”

“And then they do, they’ll say and do what the elite want them to do.”

And just for good measure, Banks went in on a third anti-Lizzo (or maybe pro-Lizzo? It’s hard to tell) venting session because at this point why not?

For bonus points she took aim at Adele, too. 

“Because I’m sorry why didn’t we give Jazmine Sullivan all of this attention lol?? She was a talented big girl… cause she wasn’t making a fool of herself. Duh.”

“Another parallel is Adele… fat Adele gets to be fat, white, do a bootleg Mahalia Jackson impression and take over, but Lizzo gotta jump around and act stupid to get half the attention while she has more talent than white Adele … lmfao I can’t stand Adele white ass.”

“White people really reward her for being fat because I really don’t think she can sing. Jessie J is eating Adele’s food on any day but Adele plays that fat white girl pity up so hard.”

“After this they better let Lizzo be a big star without having to do all the extra sh!t cause the girl is legitimately talented sand the Bruno Mars throwaway tracks.”


We don’t know about you, but we certainly needed a moment to breathe and process all of that. It’s one thing not to like the music Lizzo puts out—everyone has different musical tastes. But wow did Banks spin that into something seriously hateful.

So of course her words hit Twitter with a vengeance.

The part of her spiel we found particularly “interesting” was that Banks brought up both Missy Elliot and Beyonce when bashing Lizzo.

But Lizzo just dropped a video with Missy. Also, Beyonce and Jay-Z just showed up side-stage to show Lizzo some love at one of her recent shows.

So…  um … kind of awkward for Banks when Lizzo is out here getting the seal of approval from people Banks says are more talented.

Lizzo’s Instagram has the receipts!

View this post on Instagram

Swipe to lose your fucking mind 🐝

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It’s the personal and unnecessarily hurtful attacks on Lizzo for her weight, her body, her performance style, her image, etc… that got people really heated. But not just regular heated; like “flame Banks and defend Queen Lizzo with everything we have” kind of heated.

#TeamLizzo came out in full force.

People were absolutely not here for any Lizzo bashing. 

But the tweet that really dealt the death blow with 10 tons of truth was this one.

As Lizzo says, Truth Hurts. Bye Azealia.

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Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) is available here.

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