‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery Traded His Signature Mullet For Bangs, And The Internet Is In Mourning

Joe Keery may not be a household name—even for fans of the hit Netflix series he plays Steve Harrington in, Stranger Things. That doesn’t mean he isn’t widely recognized, though.

We may not all know his name, but even casual fans of the show know that sweet, sweet signature 80’s hair.

Well… knew Joe Keery’s hair.

It’s been kind of his trademark. His unbelievably awesome trademark.

It’s got body. It’s got shine.

It’s got the perfect amount of bounce when he’s killin’ it on the dancefloor with the flyest 80’s moves as beloved character, Steve Harrington. Peep that majestic Kerry hair swoosh.

He wears his sunglasses at night, folks. 


If you grew up in the 80’s then you undoubtedly remember the Jhirmack commercials promising to give you a perfect mane. The “Jhirmack bounce back beautiful hair” jingle was stuck in our collective consciousness for ages.

This is it. Joe Keery had reached 80’s hair nirvana.

It could get no better than the Keery coiffure.

But now it’s all over. An era has ended. Steve “The Hair” Harrington is no more.

Calm down, we aren’t saying Stranger Things has done away with the character. This is arguably worse.

Joe Keery has cut those signature locks into A BOWL CUT. WITH FRINGE BANGS.

The cut brings Kerry’s voluminous locks down onto his forehead, flat ironed as straight as possible. Those of you with strong wavey hair will immediately recognize how new this look must be; his natural texture is still fighting through.

Keery has also had a significant amount of length cut.

The simple change in hair style rendered him almost unrecognizable to many people. Personally, the first time we saw the image we assumed it was a face-swap with actor Angus T. Jones of Two and a Half Men.

Yup, this guy. 


We don’t know why Keery cut his hair. Maybe it’s for a role?

What we do know is that he showed up at a Chanel party with the new ‘do and the internet let out a collective screech of mourning the likes of which hasn’t been heard since, well, ever.

The internet never agrees on anything, let’s be honest here.

So, we guess that can be a silver lining to all of this? Joe Keery has united the internet.

Everyone wants his old hair back.

We have no words. None. We understand if you need a moment.

We needed several.

If you miss the old Keery ‘do, you can remember it with this Funko Pop! Stranger Things—Steve with Hat, Ice Cream and mullet!, available here.



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