Jennifer Garner Slurs Her Way Through Tongue-Twister After A Trip To The Dentist In Viral Video

Dental anesthesia has been the genesis of so many of our greatest viral videos.

There was the girl who talked about a unicorn giving her blueberries and then informed us that Jesus Christ was in the house—IN SONG.

A classic!

And of course, there’s the king of them all, “David After Dentist.”

The gold standard!

But it might be time to crown a new monarch of the dental anesthesia game, because Jennifer Garner has blessed us yet again with a delightful video proving that, even with her mouth half-numb, she’s more of a delight than we deserve.

This time, she’s  reciting a tongue twister she no doubt learned during her theater-school days, and it’s just plain adorable.

Here we go!


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It’s just a small procedure, he said. Not even a cavity, he said. 🤐🤣🤐 #numbnumb #sonumb #numbitynumb

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Aside from being delightful, this is actually impressive. Jennifer Garner has CHOPS, folks.

She has the range!

Of course, this isn’t Garner’s first trip to the anesthesia video rodeo.

Back in 2017, she posted a video of herself on the dentist office’s dynamic duo—laughing gas and novocaine—laugh-sobbing her eyes out about a song from the musical Hamilton.

As Garner tearfully slurred it:

“They did the sad part of ‘Hamilton’ and I started crying and I couldn’t stop. It was so beautiful, that musical. It was so pretty.”

Relatable content!

Garner, who first a$$-kicked her way into our living rooms back in the early 2000s on Alias, complete series available here, and currently stars on HBO’s Camping, has always succeeded at that rarest of feats (well, aside from perfectly rendering a tongue twister with a numb mouth, that is):

remaining down-to-earth and relatable despite being a huge star. Even the Hollywood rumor mill gives her a reputation as one of the town’s “nicest celebrities.”

So it only stands to reason that her Insta is one of the happiest places on the internet.

And Garner’s legion of delighted—and impressed—fans couldn’t agree more.























Your move kid from “David After Dentist.” Top that!


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