Natasha Lyonne Just Gave Nicole Kidman’s Oscars Clap A Run For Its Money With Her Own Awkward Emmys Version

Do we all remember Nicole Kidman’s awkward Oscars clap?

It was the thing of meme beauty and went viral almost as soon as it hit the airwaves.

For those who don’t remember, here is a reminder:

It looks like she has never given a round of applause before.  At one point, she actually appears to miss her own hands.

And last night at the Emmy Awards, Natasha Lyonne presented her own version of awkward clapping, looking like it was the first time she’d ever clapped too.

Watch it here.

Lyonne’s series Russian Doll was nominated for a number of Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, and Best Lead Actress In A Comedy Series (for which Lyonne herself was up.)

Unfortunately, Russian Doll did not go home with any awards.

Lyonne responded to the fan gifs of her very aptly.

Twitter stans a queen clapping in a gold jumpsuit.

Lyonne serves as showrunner and leading actress on Russian Doll, which will see a second season in the near future.

When season 2 happens, let’s all best put on our gold lamé and start clappin’.

Natasha Lyonne began as a child actress and built up an impressive resume while moving from adolescence to adulthood. One such film credit is Addicted to Fresno, available here.

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