Mario Lopez Faces Backlash For Saying It’s ‘Dangerous’ For Parents To Support Their Trans Kids

Oh good, the cisgender are giving their opinions on transgender people’s right  to exist again. This time, it’s Saved By the Bell alum and Access Hollywood host Mario Lopez. speaking  about stuff he clearly does not know anything about according to, like, doctors and science. In June, Lopez appeared on alt-right Candace Owens’ show The Candace Owens … Continued


Jameela Jamil Just Laid Into Piers Morgan After He Criticized Her Inclusion In Meghan Markle’s New Vogue ‘Heroines’ Issue

The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil ripped controversial journalist Piers Morgan a new one after he bashed her for previous attacks on women. On Monday, Morgan wrote a scathing op-ed for the Daily Mail criticizing then-pregnant Meghan Markle’s list of 15 trailblazers featured in September’s issue of British Vogue. The issue’s theme was “Forces for … Continued


Jason Momoa Had The Perfect Response When Asked If He’s Bothered By People Criticizing His ‘Dad Bod’

After a photo of Jason Momoa on vacation appeared in US Weekly recently, the internet had a minor freakout that the ripped star of Aquaman seemed to have a “Dad Bod.” Though his muscles weren’t as ultra-defined as they might have been for his blockbuster movies, the actor was still in excellent shape, leading many … Continued


Armie Hammer’s Wife Just Came To His Defense After A Video Of His Young Son Sucking On His Toes Was Met With Backlash

So, kids put everything in their mouths.  That’s just a fact of life. So sometimes, it stands to reason, a parent’s foot would end up in there.  Armie Hammer’s child is no different. A video surfaced on Hammer’s Instagram of his child sucking on his toes.  The video has since been taken down, but Perez … Continued


Solange Knowles Put Everyone On Blast After Some ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Struggled To Name Her Recent Album

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we were all chosen to live in a time where we have not just Beyoncé, but her equally (some would say even more don’t @ me) talented sister Solange. Like, what did any of us do to deserve this blessing? But despite winning a Grammy for the very first … Continued


Faye Dunaway Fired From Broadway-Bound Play After Allegedly Slapping Crew Members And Creating ‘Hostile’ Work Environment

Maybe Mommie Dearest wasn’t just about Joan Crawford. Academy award winning actress Faye Dunaway was fired from the Broadway-bound Tea At Five—a one-woman show by Matthew Lombardo detailing Katharine Hepburn’s tumultuous recovery after she suffered injuries from a car accident in 1983—after Dunaway reportedly “slapped and threw things” at backstage dressers who were trying to put her wig … Continued


Ellen Barkin Just Dragged The Hell Out Of Captain Kangaroo And Shari Lewis After the Mister Rogers Trailer Dropped

Ellen Barkin’s Twitter profile continues its meteoric rise in the ranks of the best celebrity Twitter feeds around. The Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress had already been a prime Twitter follow for her outspoken, slightly mom-y takedowns of President Trump. (Like when she told him to take a long walk off a short pier. Poetry!) … Continued


The Internet Just Realized How Tall Peppa Pig Supposedly Is—And Nobody Is OK

Where were you when you learned your favorite children’s cartoon character was an abnormally large giant? Fans of Peppa Pig, the long running children’s cartoon that follows Peppa Pig, her brother George and other animal families that live nearby, can probably tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they found … Continued


Here Are The Best Reactions To The Mind-Boggling Nightmare That Is The ‘Cats’ Trailer

The highly-anticipated trailer for the Cats movie just dropped on Thursday, and the reactions were decidedly mixed. Some diehard Cats fans were delighted while others were downright (and understandably) terrified. When the original Andrew Lloyd Webber musical opened in London in 1981, and subsequently on Broadway in 1982, audiences had never seen anything like it … Continued


Rihanna’s Recent Photoshoot For A Chinese Magazine Is Being Called Out By Some For ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Well Rihanna really did it this time. Maybe. It depends on who you speak to. Riri is set to appear on the cover of the August issue of Chinese Harper’s Bazaar, in a pictorial the magazine is describing as “when western style icon meets eastern aesthetic.” And the results are pretty astounding. But not everyone is … Continued


Jimmy Kimmel Threw Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan The Most Trumpian Victory Party Since They Weren’t Going to the White House

You may have heard that the US Women’s National Soccer Team are a bunch of badasses who absolutely crushed the FIFA Women’s World Cup this year! And as such, they were set to receive a probable invite to the White House—until team captain and all-around badass Megan Rapinoe emphatically declared: “I’m not going to the … Continued


Jason Momoa Is Somehow Being Body-Shamed For His Recent Vacation Photos, And Fans Aren’t Having Any Of It

Looking for some 6′ 4″, Haka dancing, Dothraki eye candy? Jason Momoa’s got your back. The Aquaman actor is known for his rippling biceps and washboard abs. Here’s a picture just in case you need a refresher… or you just want to stare at his beauty. View this post on Instagram Follow @jasonmomoa_ig @prideofgypsies follow @jasonmomoa_ig … Continued