Dave Chappelle Hilariously Photobombed An Ohio Couples Engagement Shoot 😂

Comedian Dave Chappelle is earning rave reviews and some Oscar buzz for his brief but indelible performance as George ‘Noodles’ Stone in A Star is Born. But, it’s a new star turn that’s earning him viral status on Twitter. An Ohio couple was taking their engagement photos when Dave Chappelle decided it would be a good … Continued

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These Two Relentless Cats Have Been Trying Sneak Into A Japanese Art Museum For Years 😼

For over two years now, a couple of cats have been repeatedly trying to enter an art museum in Japan—and now they’re internet celebrities. The Onomichi City Museum of Art, located in Hiroshima, Japan has been refusing entry to a pair of cats—a black one and a ginger—since as early as June 2016. Now the duo is … Continued


Stephen King Invites Trolling After He Uses His Banned Word ‘Amazing’ In A Tweet—And The Responses Were A Bit Unexpected ❤️

If there had to be an official referee calling the fouls for writers everywhere, Stephen King, author of countless bestsellers like It, Carrie, The Shining, and The Shawshank Redemption, would be a shoo-in for the position. So when he took to Twitter on October 28 announcing that the word “amazing” should be retired from every writer’s … Continued


Photos Of Lady Gaga On A Stool Are Reminding People Of That Gravity-Defying Ariana Grande Album Cover

In a recent cover story for Variety, pop star and actress Lady Gaga posed for a series of pictures all around, on top of, or leaning against a stool. They looked great, though Twitter did find them somewhat familiar… COVER STORY: Lady Gaga will never be the same after "A Star Is Born" … Continued

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Woman Shares Nightmare Story About Her Husband Abandoning Her—But She Caps It Off With A Fiery Twist 🔥

A woman’s tweet about how her husband left her has gone viral with more than 5,000 retweets and 38,000 likes—all because of how she capped it off. Known simply as @KangasMom1 on Twitter, the woman tweeted: 2 months ago, I went in the hospital for 8 days. When I came home, my husband of 32 … Continued


Someone Left A Brilliantly Brutal Note On Woman’s Badly Parked Car—And It’s Everything 🙌

Most drivers wouldn’t take kindly to being told their parking was sub-standard, but one woman in the U.S. reacted rather differently after a hilarious note was left on her windshield. Shelby, 27, from California, was attending the gym and parked her car in the “pretty much empty” car park before heading inside. However, on her … Continued


40-Year-Old Woman Got Sick Of Waiting Around For The Perfect Husband—So She Married Herself 💍

Laura Mesi, a 40-year-old Italian fitness instructor, has been waiting her whole life for “Mr. Right” to come along. Well, after four decades of waiting, she decided that if no man was going to pop up, she could be her own Mr. Right! Mesi made a pact (with herself) that if she wasn’t married at … Continued


A CNN Meteorologist Just Totally Schooled Trump About The Real Cause Of The California Wildfires

California is currently being ravaged by the deadliest fires in its history. The blaze, which is in some areas spreading as fast as “the equivalent of eight football fields every minute,” has already claimed 44 lives, and shows no sign of slowing down. On November 10, while in Paris to commemorate the 100th anniversary of … Continued


Michigan Woman Believes Her Antique Potato Masher Is Haunted—And She Has Video To Prove It 😱

A woman who believes her home is a “hotbed of paranormal activity” released astonishing video footage of a  haunted antique potato masher. The masher was passed down to her by her grandmother. Since moving into her 1920s house in Eastpointe, Michigan, five years ago, Jennifer Bauer, 43, often heard spooky noises. During this latest unexplained … Continued


An Adorable 100-Year-Old Woman Thought Affectionate Pals Macron And Merkel Were Married

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been working together to lead the free world in the absence of the United States from the world stage. They’ve been working together so well, in fact, a 100-year-old woman thought they were married. At a commemorative event for World War I this weekend, a … Continued