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This Video Of NSYNC Rapping About Pokémon In Comically-Oversized Pleather Outfits Is Peak 1999

The 90’s were both the best of times, and the worst of times. The era gave us frosted tips and low rise jeans. We committed flagrant crimes against eyebrows. Programming was magical and full of awesomeness like Animaniacs, Touched By An Angel, and Pokemon. Over-sized pleather was a thing (pleather, in general, is a thing, … Continued


Duck Guy’s Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Tinder Approach Is The Smoothest F*cking Move We’ve Ever Seen 🔥

With the popularity of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, it seems other people are taking the “choose your own adventure” model and applying it to their lives. Redditor mattythegee showed his interesting application of the idea. In a post to r/Tinder, mattythegee showed how he opened his conversation with his match, Amelia. That’s right, he gave her … Continued


Australia’s Hottest Duck Is Super Goth, Hangs Out In A Sewage Pond, And LBH Probably Went To Your Middle School 🦆

Obviously, many places take pride in their local ducks. New York City has its famous Central Park “Hot Duck:” look at this hot duck pic.twitter.com/Q1kS9eb4X5 — wait up wait for me not you i dont even know you (@awitchardson) October 30, 2018 Similar sightings have been a source of local spirit in Canada and Brooklyn! … Continued

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This A Cappella Group’s Megamix Showing The ‘Evolution Of Girl Groups’ Is Seriously Giving Us Life 🙌

Start sharing with your friends now, because this one is going to be big. In what is sure to be a massively viral hit soon, female a capella group called Citizen Queen has just released a mind blowing megamix called the Evolution Of Girl Groups that spans the last 60 years of amazing female acts … Continued


Twitter Is Shredding A Manbaby Who Was So Offended By Gillette’s New Ad Campaign That He Threw His Razor In The Toilet 😑

Gillette just released a new ad against bullying and harassment, and a lot of traditional men-folk have taken offense. The razor company shared the short film titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” on January 13th. The ad came with the caption, “Bullying. Harassment. Is this the best a man can get? It’s only by challenging … Continued

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A Sequel To The Original ‘Ghostbusters’ Franchise Has Been Announced For 2020—And Fans Are Very Divided

A new Ghostbusters film is due for release in 2020 and is set to be directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman—who directed the first two movies in the 1980s. The younger Reitman made his directorial debut with Thank You For Smoking in 2005 after appearing in front of the camera as an actor … Continued


Steve Carell Is Starring In A Workplace Comedy About Trump’s ‘Space Force’ And OMG It’s Perfect 😂

The Office may not be returning to NBC for a re-boot anytime soon, but Steve Carell has something in the pipeline that is, um, out of this world. The Welcome to Marwen star is re-teaming with The Office creator Greg Daniels for an all-new Netflix series entertaining Donald Trump’s proposal of starting a sixth branch of … Continued

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Woman Who Mysteriously Went Into Cardiac Arrest At Age 6 Finally Gets Answers After A Tick Bite 20 Years Later 😮

A woman who went into cardiac arrest during a day out at the beach with her family aged six has revealed how a tick bite more than two decades later finally led to a diagnosis for the rare condition that caused it. As a child, Alexandra Wall, 33, a project coordinator of south-west London, would often … Continued


Someone Screwed Up The Subtitles For Britain’s No-Confidence Vote In The Most Hilarious Fashion 😂

A subtitle error during a broadcast of the vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister saw Michael Gove rule out Batman as Prime Minister. As the Environment Secretary was addressing the House of Commons ahead of the vote, the phrase “that man” was mistakenly subtitled as “Batman” on the BBC. Journalist Nina Massey caught … Continued