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Burger King Claps Back After Troll Tries To Shame Them For Hiring Deaf Person

A customer, who goes by “Lucas @chillisauceabc” on Twitter, snapped a photo of a poster detailing a new accommodation deployed at Burger Kings in Indonesia. The poster announces using picture menus. Such things would accommodate non-verbal, verbally impaired and hearing impaired customers and employees. Surely the customer wished to applaud this move by the fast … Continued

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Video Of Female Trump Supporters Enthusiastically Chanting ‘Trump!’ Is Getting Appropriately Roasted

Brace yourselves, folks. You’re about to witness a video that is peak-level awkward to watch. Belgium-based writer and Hashtag Roundup host, Nico, shared a video taken at a Women For Trump meeting. The video shows the women waving signs around and chanting Trump’s name repeatedly. That’s awkward and uncomfortable enough, but this is one of … Continued

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Disney Fanatic Banned From All Disney Parks For Life After Drunken Meltdown

Disney World may be “the happiest place on Earth,” but it never will be again for Ellen McMillion of—yes, you guessed it: GIPHY Good ol’ Florida, our nation’s treasure trove of full-tilt weirdness. Anyway, Ellen McMillion is one of these Disney fanatics you hear about, with a social media presence overflowing with photos of her … Continued

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Ohio Teen Gets Accidentally Shot By Her Surprised Mom After Coming Home From College Early

Not all surprises are pleasant. For either party. In Ohio, a young woman named Hannah Jones ran into her house to surprise her mother with her early arrival home from college. The mother was, indeed, very surprised. Surprise!! — Marlin Brownley (@marlinbrownley) September 11, 2019 Thinking an intruder was bursting through the door, the … Continued


Gillian Anderson Says She’s ‘Falling In Love’ With Margaret Thatcher After Being Cast As Her In ‘The Crown’—And Fans Are Conflicted

Gillian Anderson, best known for her work as Dana Scully on the X-Files, has been cast to play UK conservative (lower case “c” for the right leaning ideology) figure Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the hit Netflix series, The Crown. The casting raised some eyebrows, but it’s been Gillian’s comments on playing the role that … Continued

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Bullied Kid’s Homemade T-Shirt Gets Turned Into Official University Of Tennessee Merchandise

One simple act of kindness can really make the difference in somebody’s life. Laura Snyder, a Florida elementary school teacher, shared the story of what happened when one of her 4th grade students wore a homemade t-shirt to show his support for the University Of Tennessee on the elementary school’s “College Color Day.” 9/6/19 – … Continued

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Maid Of Honor Explains Why She Opted To Wear An Inflatable T-Rex Costume For Her Sister’s Wedding

It’s rare that a maid of honor’s outfit is so unforgettable that the entire wedding goes viral online. But Christina Meador’s outfit was something truly special. On Saturday, August 10, she posted a photo of her sister’s wedding on Facebook. You may be able to notice her in the below picture—she’s standing just to the … Continued

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Couple Goes Viral With Their Corny ’80s-Inspired Engagement Photos From JCPenney

Have you ever wanted to White people harder than you’ve ever White peopled before? Well Madison Moxley and her fiancé Mason Whitis are achieving your dreams, one step back into fashion past at a time. Take a look here. No, this is not from the 1980s. This is now and it was deliberate. “This is … Continued


Azealia Banks Slams Lizzo As A ‘Millennial Mammy’ For White People In Instagram Rant

Lizzo is currently the queen of confidence boosting jams, DNA tests and being 100% that b*tch. The rest of us can manage like 65% at best. Lizzo made history as one of only five black women to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this decade. Her concerts are selling out left and right. She’s … Continued