The New Host Of ‘Blues Clues’ Says He’s Flattered By All The People Thirsting Over Him, But ‘It Is A Little Weird’

Do you think Steve or Joe ever had to deal with this? Josh Dela Cruz, the host of Nick Nick Jr.’s reboot of Blue’s Clues, is kind of a lil’ cutie. The show was on the air from 1996-2006. Now a new generation will get to solve problems with Blue and her human companion. Cruz shared the … Continued


Guy Gets Mocked After Asking His Girlfriend If She Wants ‘Lemon Or Lime’ Tampons

Let’s have a moment of honesty here; the “feminine hygiene” aisle can be daunting even for those of us who own menstruating uteruses. Uteri? What’s the correct plural of uterus, anyway? The sheer number of options is mind boggling. At most stores you can choose pads, tampons or menstrual cups – and then from each … Continued


Woman Documents How Her Nike Sandals Shrunk When She Left Them In Her Hot Car

We all know better than to leave our children or pets locked inside the car on a scorching summer day, no matter how short the errand. The greenhouse effect resulting in intensely hot temperatures inside your sealed vehicle can fry everything like Shrinky Dinks. You remember – the kids’ activity kit consisting of polystyrene cut-outs … Continued


Clever Mom Throws A Job Fair For Her Kids When They Ask For More Allowance

Teaching kids the value of a dollar is no small task. Indeed, some kids never learn the concept, such as every roommate I ever had! But that is a whole other article. Anyway! It’s tough to convey to children how money works when they don’t have any actual real-life responsibilities, right? My mom would get … Continued


Ryan Reynolds Tweets That You Can Only See a Spider-Man/Deadpool Movie ‘In My Heart’

When news broke that contract negotiations between Sony and Disney had fallen through, resulting in Spider-Man’s likely removal from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero fans everywhere cried out in anguish. How DARE Sony do this to Tom Holland?! TO HUMANITY?! #SpiderMan pic.twitter.com/78rCEJDoRO — Jamie Jirak (@JamieCinematics) August 20, 2019 Live look at literally every Spider-Man … Continued


Andy Richter Calls Out Airline Passenger For Putting His Bare Feet On The Back Of A Seat

For those of us who hate to fly, the reasons are already nearly endless. Baggage fees, TSA getting grabby, that weird airplane smell, people who disturb that weird airplane smell by eating fish on board, turbulence, people who clap when the plane lands … you get what I’m saying. Lately, there has been a new … Continued


People Aren’t Sure If Video Shows Person Petting A Rabbit Or A Raven

Alright kids, it’s time for a new illusion to tear us apart on Twitter. This time, we’ll be venturing not into the world of dresses or auditory tricks, but into the animal kingdom. It all began when academic and podcast host Dan Quintana posted this video to his Twitter feed. Rabbits love getting stroked on … Continued


Woman Posts Video Of Herself Reacting To Trying Kombucha For The First Time

You ever taste something for the first time and it sends you on a journey through every human emotion, from “Oh hell no” to “Well now wait a minute…” and then back to “NO” before returning once again to “Hmm maybe?” A woman on TikTok documented this extremely relatable and specific experience and it’s blown … Continued