People Lament The Worst Thing About Their Name

What is in a name? It’s no secret that a person’s name can be the key to their success or the cause of their downfall in the grand scheme of things, but the ways that names can act as every day inconveniences are rarely considered.

That is until Twitter users decided to finally air out all the grievances that come with the worst things about their names.

They did not hold back.

Some were good sports.

For others, it was clear the name-calling had taken a toll.

And then there were the poor, poor Alexas who never asked for this.

At the end of the day, there’s hardly a perfect name. Each one has its own set of inconveniences, and if you didn’t have one, what would people write on your paychecks? This is where people named “Cash” are lucky.

H/T: Inc, Twitter