Artist Chronicles The Special Relationship Between Aunt And Nephew Through Comics

Being a parent isn’t an easy feat. Due to that fact, a lot of people bask in being an auntie or an uncle – titles that come with a lot less pressure, and often times, are thought of as more fun than mom and dad.

But, the bond between an aunt and a nephew can be an, erm, interesting, one. When it comes to nephews, a ton of aunties don’t get a fraction of the credit they deserve.

Canadian comics artist Kate Beaton portrayed this special relationship in a relatable cartoon that has the internet cackling.

It has since garnered thousands of favorites and retweets, and more than a hundred comments – a large chunk being other aunties that experience the same thing.

She begins the cartoon at the amusement park:

Beaton is the award-winning artist behind the popular comic strip Hark! A Vagrant. Her first comics collection, Never Learn Anything From History was named one of Time’s top 10 fiction books of the year and ended up being a New York Times bestseller.

Refusing to go on rides with his auntie, Malcom also refuses to hold her hand:

Off to a fantastic start!

Malcom adamantly adores her husband – and continues to give his auntie half-hearted acknowledgements:

Malcom chooses to go on all of the fun rides with his uncle. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value his aunt! He does ask her to hold onto his stuff while the two of them are on the ride, so at least she is valued in some sort of way?

She detailed the dramatic end-of-the-world attitude that comes with being four-years-old:

Waiting in those long lines does feel like forever, though. Even now, as an adult, so we have to give him credit there.

Malcom tosses pinecones as a form of endearing affection:

That or the child simply wants to hurl random objects at his family. Not sure which is accurate here, but considering the rest of the thread, I’m going to lean toward the latter option.

And at the end of a long, tiring fun-filled afternoon at the amusement park – to top it all off – he mistakes some random woman as his auntie: 

We’ve all done this though, right? Heck, I’ve done this with my own mom before!

Some people cried at the thread:

Poor mistreated aunties.

But, it isn’t just aunties. Some parents even related to this:

See, Kate? Imagine having your own child refuse to hold your hand and do fun things with you! Things could be worse.

People couldn’t help but laugh:

More than likely because wow, is this relatable to anyone who has ever come in contact with a four-year-old.

According to other aunties, nieces and nephews don’t seem to acknowledge their existence without their husband:

Imagine a child lumping you and your partners name into one, but that name was almost all theirs. Tragic.

Kids: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

H / T – Twitter, Wired