‘Beer Ramen’ Is A Thing—And People Are Voicing Their Disgust

In British Columbia, Canada, there’s a restaurant called Yuu Japanese Tapas which has been making headlines for its signature dish: Beer Ramen.

In reality, the meal only LOOKS like a beer. Though it’s served in a stein, with special foam made of egg whites places on top, the “beer ramen” contains no alcohol…though its resemblance to booze is enough to drive many Twitter users away:

The makers of the beer stein were so busy asking whether they could that no one stopped to wonder whether they should!

If this dish were served in…well, a dish, people would probably be more open to it.

If you’re at all curious what it’s like to sip a Ramen Beer, head to Yuu Japanese Tapas right away!

Sadly, by the looks of it, not many people are experiencing that curiosity.

It seems Beer Ramen might not be for everyone. That’s fine—there’s no need to get melodramatic.

H/T – Twitter, The Takeout