People Recall The Absolute Best Days Ever On Twitter

On the last day of August, Gene Park of The Washington Post posed a question to his more than 20,000 Twitter followers. And the answers did not disappoint.

Park asked:

Park’s post raked in hundreds of comments.

Twitter users reminisced about the time that Ted Cruz was caught liking porn.

Why didn’t Texas GOP use this when they were trying to make Senator Cruz more relatable instead of their “badass Cruz” artwork?

Another top memory was when Kurt Eichenwald posted a picture of his web browser which had a tab searching “B-Chiku”—AKA “tentacle porn”.

Zoom in on his fourth tab.

What followed was an entertaining but weak explanation.

Another top memory was when YAHOO! Finance made a major typo, replacing a letter in “bigger navy” that caused some alliteration and what was later called “arguably the best night on Black Twitter“.

Other favorite memories included Amber Rose’s savage Tweet to Kanye West.

The day that the cops were chasing llamas AND the infamous dress debate began.

And, of course, Covfefe.

What’s your favorite Twitter moment?

H/T: Indy100, Twitter