Viral Thread About Being Pregnant On Public Transit Has Moms Chiming In With Their Own Horror Stories

U.K.-based writer Brydie Lee-Kennedy’s tweet about an uncomfortable situation she had traveling on a bus while eight months pregnant recently went viral, garnering nearly 18,000 likes and over 1,500 retweets.

It seems Lee-Kennedy had had just about enough of one rude man who refused her request to move his hand and bag off the seat near him to allow her to sit.

What followed is the stuff of pregnant woman daydreams:

She followed it up with a tweet likening travel by public transit while with child to The Hunger Games

Lee-Kennedy’s story resonated with women from all over the world, who were soon sharing their own anecdotes about this very particular lack of courtesy for the soon-to-be-mothers of this world and their own examples of what the appropriate course of action in the face of such blatant rudeness might be.

Warning: There appears to be a disproportionate number of male offenders:

And tall tales of witnessing heroic acts of seat-less-ness:

Get ’em girls! And as for you jerks? Stand up already.

H/T: Twitter, Huffpost