There’s Now A Halloween Costume For Being ‘Ghosted’—And People Are Relating Hard ????

Halloween is just around the corner. Okay, it’s down the block, across the street, and just around the corner, but still that doesn’t mean you can’t start looking for the perfect costume.

Of course there is always the old standby’s of sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy (insert anything here), or the ill conceived sexy handmaid, but one company is thinking outside the box and has come up with a costume that has too many folks feeling blue. Welcome to 2018, where the “Ghosted Costume” is a thing.

And no we don’t mean this guy—

We mean when you think you are dating someone, or at least getting to know them, and they up and disappear. Not to be confused with orbiting.

So for all those folks out there that can relate, we just found your costume. Don’t worry, it’s still sexy.

Things just got a little too real. 

The costume is hysterical until it happens to you. 

And the winner of the subtle award goes to—

We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

Also, don’t ghost people. It’s tacky.

H/T: Party City, Twitter Moments