Customer Service Representative Shares One Of His Favorite Customer Interactions¬Č And It’s Epic ūüĒ•

On its worst days, customer service can be a thankless job where reps spend their time getting yelled at by frustrated customers. On its best days, it’s just plain old boring.

But on rare occasions, reps might get a call that reminds them just how strange, funny, or heartwarming working with people can be.

That was the case for customer service specialist Ryan Shipley who shared one of his favorite customer interactions — a grandmother who needed a call back because she was too busy playing World of Warcraft.

Ryan posted the text of their conversation on Facebook. 

His full post is transcribed below:

One of my all-time favorite calls!!!

Me: Okay, so to complete the order I’ll need your credit card number.

Member: You’ll have to call me back, I have to go upstairs to get my purse.

Me: I can hold.

Member: I won’t be able to go up for, probably twenty minutes, I have to finish this dungeon and beat Razor Finn.

Me: What?!?

Member: Actually, give me thirty minutes, just in case!!!

Me: Okay…will do.

*wrote notes in the account about calling member back after she beats a boss in World of Warcraft*

*thirty minutes later*

Me: So, I’m dying to know.

Member: What?

Me: Did you beat Razor Finn, is Azeroth safe?

Member: Yeah, he ain’t nothing, just part of the grind. I bet you were ¬†surprised when I told you I was playing World of Warcraft, huh?

Me: Whaaaatttt, no not at all…yes, I was actually surprised, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

Member: I’m 73! And I play games every day, ten to tweleve hours, I’d rather play game and slay monsters than knit like some old lady.

Me: I want to be you when I grow up.

Member: Age is just a number, honey. I didn’t even start playing games ¬†until 8 years ago, my grandson got stationed overseas in Afghanistan and ¬†I wanted to be able to talk to him, so me and my sister started playing with him. We’d go on raids and talk about our day, I’m actually better than he is at the game now, he HATES IT!!!

Me: You’re pretty much my hero now.

Member: I didn’t know what leveling up meant or anything, I freaked out¬†when I found my first weapon, God, I was such a noob. If you play let me know, unless you’re Alliance, I HATE Alliance, I’m Horde until the ¬†day I die.

Me: I’m speechless, which is weird for me.

Member: I can’t wait until the Dark Moon Festival!!!

Me: I have no idea what that means, but me either…

Member: I’d love to talk more, but I gotta keep grinding out my new character!

Me: I respect that, being awesome is a twenty four hour a day job…

Ryan was caught off guard by the gaming grandmother, especially since he didn’t know much about the game.

“I didn’t understand most of what she was talking about I just kept jotting down references she made.”

But the story was too good not to share so Ryan posted it online.

The interaction was so wholesome that people didn’t believe Ryan when he posted it.¬†

And then the whole call center dropped everything they were doing, stood up and clapped.



¬†I’ll just add this to the big list of things that never happened.¬†


Their name? Albert Einstein. 


But others chimed in, sharing their own experiences with older gamers. 

When I worked for Apple, a lady in her 80’s called because WoW wouldn’t launch and she had a raid to heal in 30 min. It was a great call.


As a GameStop employee, we have quite a few regulars who are 60+. They each have their own preferred genre. They’re awesome.¬†


My guild master just recently turned 67 and she could probably put a Chinese gold farmer to shame. 


Can confirm every now and again I play COD with this old dude named lefty… He’s turning 72.¬†


It rings true to me. I was once raiding Onyxia and one of the healers was a grandma, we talked a lot about her grandkids. 


And many hoped to still be having that much fun when they got older. 

This is the kind of old person I want to grow into. 


This WILL be me one day. I can¬Č√õ¬™t play now because we¬Č√õ¬™ll kids ¬†and a full time job. I was hard core in my 20s though. I¬Č√õ¬™ll be back ¬†some day!¬†


I can’t wait for when millennials get old and are still gaming.¬†


All things considered, it doesn’t seem like a bad goal.¬†

Omg. Now I want to live to an old age so I can play video games all day! 



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