Teacher Grades Students’ Homework With Meme Stickers—And Wins The Internet 😂

Memes are the language of the internet, and the internet is our youngest generation’s native land. English teacher Ainee (@axfxq) knew this full well when she decided to print out some custom-made meme stickers to grab students’ attention while grading their papers. She posted some examples of her little grading helpers on Twitter, where they were quickly embraced as the best idea since sliced bread:

People were absolutely in awe of the stickers. Everyone wanted to know where they came from and how the students liked them!

Of course, there are always a few people saying meme stickers were “inappropriate” for kids. Well, Ainee had an answer for them:

But HOW, we all wondered, does one make stickers?

Other teachers totally got it:

The mark of a great teacher is an adult who can actually relate to and speak with students on their terms.

Well done, great teachers of the world! Today’s memes are all dedicated to you.

H/T – Twitter, Insider