Twitter Is Going All In With ‘Let’s Get This Bread’ Memes ????

Everyone knows the grind. And it seems millennials know it better than anyone.

These days, we need two jobs and a side-hustle to be able to put 50% of our money towards a two bedroom apartment we share with five people.

And yet, still we grind. We get that dough.

Or, to use another term, we get our bread.

The term ‘get your bread’ was first turned into a meme back in 2017.

However, the first references to the term were made in a 2007 song called “Let’s Get This Paper” by Rich Boy.

In it, he raps…

“R.I.P. Pooh Bear, that’s my dead homie/Fuck that other shit, hey, let’s get this bread homie.”

It took a decade for it to enter into memedom and almost a year after that initial 2017 tweet to go viral.

There was this mascot…

And this literal take.

There’s the version for Hunger Games fans…

Jokes were made.

But ‘getting that bread’ can be exhausting.

But unfortunately the world only has one message for us…

Rise and grind people.

H/T: Twitter, Daily Dot