Artist’s Comics Capture The Struggles Of Being A Woman In Brutally Honest Fashion πŸ˜‚

Rising Instagram star Akshara Ashok is going viral for her super relatable artwork about female struggles.

Nothing’s off-limits for this hilarious illustrator from India who draws comics about periods, butts, shaving, and underwear…lots of underwear.

Here’s a sampling of Ashok’s greatest hits. Some are NSFW!

Ashok’shappyfluffcomics” are particularly awesome because they regularly promote body positivity. Our bodies can be gross, but in her universe, these oddities get highlighted and celebrated.

This comic reminds us that it’s OK to have a little hair on your big toe.

Not all body types fit the mainstream standard of beauty.

And this comic speaks volumes about the weird standard of beauty imposed on breasts.

Folks on Twitter love the comics about female struggles big and small.

Women worldwide are relating to them!

Ashok’s comics aren’t only hilarious, but they illustrate deeper truths that women confront on a daily basis. After all, every woman fears burning down her house with a hair straightener. And what’s the point of shaving if the hair grows back 4 hours later?

Make sure to support her amazing work on Instagram and beyond!

H/T: happyfluffcomics, Bored Panda