Viral GIF Of A Pug Trying To Drink The Shadow Of A Stream Of Water Is The Perfect Example Of A Famous Allegory

What does a pug have to do with Plato you might ask?

It all started when this video of a pug attempting to drink from the shadow of a water fountain surfaced on Twitter back in May of this year.

But soon, people began to realize a link with the classical Greek philosopher. One of Plato’s most well known allegories is about a group of prisoners who are chained up against a wall. In doing so, they are only exposed to shadows and eventually begin to mistake those shadows for real objects. The story is about mistaking appearances for realities.

And last month, someone finally realized that this pug is living out Plato’s story. However, it went viral after this Tuesday tweet…

People immediately jumped on board.

Sometimes the conversation verged into the philosophy of social media.

Plato’s pug wasn’t alone. There were tons of philosopher dogs.

Dogs. What would we do without them?

H/T: Twitter, Mashable