This Dog Jumping Into A Pile Of Leaves Is Pure Autumnal Joy ????

In the autumn, Maine becomes a beautiful world of colors. And with so many trees, the ground is quickly covered in a layer of dead leaves, perfect for piling up and jumping into!

This opportunity is not lost on Stella, a golden retriever with her own Instagram account, whose owners have been posting videos of her jumping into leaf-piles since 2014. This year was no different—as soon as the car door opens, Stella barrels right for her beloved pile of leaves.

It seems the more piles of leaves Stella jumps into, the more she likes it.

But what does Stella do once she’s in the leaves? 

Great question!

Here’s the answer: whatever the heck she wants.

It seems Stella’s owners enjoy her leaf-adventures almost as much as Stella does.

Stella is the Autumn hero we all need right now.

The internet loved Stella and thought she was a VERY GOOD DOG.

Some Twitter users are binge watching Stella’s videos over and over again. Stella and chill?

Stella discovered the secret to success: doing what you love!

Thank you, Stella, for inspiring us all. 

Happy Autumn!

H/T – Mashable, The Cut