Adorable Video Of 4-Year-Old Casually Ordering From Burger King’s Drive-Thru Is Giving Us Life ????

Most adults probably don’t think twice when they perform the mundane tasks of everyday life. But when a 4-year-old places an order at a drive-thru, it is comedy gold.

Thanks to Twitter user @xo_dianny, we got to witness the young customer in action.

She tweeted the video with the caption, “Just a 4 year old casually ordering his kids meal from Burger King.”

In the clip, the little boy places his order and glides through the entire transaction, all while strapped in his car seat. He pays, receives some change, and takes his bag of goods with confidence. He does it like a boss because he knows what he’s doing and he excels at being a 4-year-old.

Looks like someone got an early start learning about commerce and participating in it.

Twitter is in love with this confident kiddo.

Cute kid? Check. Good manners? Check. New Twitter darling? Double check.

Let’s not forget these highlights…

The tweet quickly went viral, with 59K retweets and 194K likes. Burger King discovered the clip and became instant fans. They asked the boy’s sister, who tweeted the video, for permission to share it. Naturally, xo_dianny told them they could have it their way.

Besides, who could turn down a free gift card?


We can already tell this kid is going places. Ellen, are you watching?

H/T – Mashable, Twitter