This Person Put In A Ton Of Effort Just To Get Discount Potato Wedges—And We’re Here For It 😂

The best thing about thrifty people is the charge they get out of bragging about their thrift.

You know the type. You compliment their sweater and you get an entire monologue like, “OMG you wouldn’t believe it, I saw it one day and fell in love but knew I could get it cheaper so I checked back every 11 minutes for 14 years, and finally there it was: 436% off! Can you believe?!”

But if you’re one of these bargain hunters, know this: You have NOTHING on a certain Australian Twitter person, @neonfiona, with a deep, abiding love for potato wedges.

@neonfiona’s recent story about a potato-centric bargain triumph was so inspirational it became a Twitter Moment. Fiona noticed that her local supermarket discounts the potato wedges from $3.00 to $1.50 after a certain amount of time. So the other day she posted up near the wedges to scope out the situation:

Yes, this is a story of faith. Fiona sensed it was just a matter of moments until the wedges were enough past their prime for a discount…

…but not enough past their prime to be inedible, of course…at least for the thrifty among us.

Of course, as with all things worth waiting for, the waiting became…more waiting. And you know how it goes when you’re waiting for discount potato wedges, it’s only a matter of time before your waiting reads as “loitering” and suddenly the cops are throwing you out of the shop. Not to worry! Fiona thought of, well, everything, including the perfect cover:

Anyway, if you note the time stamps and do the math, you’ll see that Fiona has now spent some 24 minutes awaiting the discount potato wedges, a point at which most of us would have long since given up.

But we are not in the presence of an amateur. Nor a quitter. This is a story of perseverance.

Fiona is going NOWHERE.

Not for another seven minutes anyway, when at long last:

Total elapsed time: 31 minutes.

Total savings: 1.5 Australian dollars.

Worth it? That’s in the eye of the beholder, a question we can only answer for ourselves.

But what is undeniable is that this story of will and commitment is INSPIRING, and the internet felt it:

As stories of positivity, love, and light always do, @neonfiona’s triumph created space for other dedicated bargain hunters to share their own inspirational successes.

And share they did:

With any story of a triumph of vision, there are always naysayers. This one was no different:

Listen, some people will never get it. Don’t let them dull your shine. Don’t let their logic and math and indisputably reasonable attitudes toward the basic value of time drag you down to their shortsighted level.

Stay inspired. Stay lifted. Stay you. 

Stay on those potato wedges. Your discount sticker is coming.

Namaste, and thank you, @neonfiona.