People Are Admitting The Ridiculous First Things They Would Do As Kids When Their Parents Left Them Home Alone ????

When you’re a kid, parents run a tight ship around the house. But most of us remember when things got downright weird after being left home alone for the first time.

Twitter user Samantha Ravndahl started an epic twitter thread about the strange and bizarre behaviors people remember from being left alone during their childhood. The responses were pretty hilarious, including tweets about microwaving CDs, raiding the kitchen, drinking coffee creamer, and hogging the dial-up connection.

Samantha enjoyed eating hot cocoa powder after her parents left home. 

In fact, a lot of the responses were about sneaking weird food items.

Lots of people went after sweets, especially raw cookie dough.

Some kids cut out the middle-man and went straight for the sugar.

Others were rebellious, inviting friends over and drinking booze. 

Many reminisced about blasting music throughout the house.

But some of these kids clearly turned up WAY too hard.

If we’ve learned anything from this relatable Twitter thread, it’s that kids are absolute fiends for sugar.

Parents: make sure to lock up the cocoa powder before you head out!