Woman Tries To Walk In Massive High Heels—And Absolutely Bites It In Painful Fashion ????

There is always that fraction of a moment between thinking something is a great idea and then following through with it. If only we could get that moment back to play out the potential outcome in our head, we may decide it’s not such a great idea after all.

There is a video making its rounds on social media that has us all wishing we could go back in time and scream, “Don’t do it!”

In the clip, a woman is seen in a clothing store attempting to walk in what looks like a pair of shoes stolen from a Lady GaGa video shoot. It doesn’t go well. We all know when the clip begins it isn’t going to go well, and yet, we can’t stop watching.

We can’t even be certain what we saw. Her body was doing things we didn’t know bodies could do. 

In truth, we really hope she is okay.

We all feel a little of this.