People Are Heading Back To Work After Christmas—And The Struggle Is Very Real

All good things must come to an end and for many people the Christmas break came to a screeching standstill on Thursday.

With the taste of leftovers still in their mouths, a chunk of the workforce were donning their brand-new winter jackets and venturing out in the world to do their jobs.

For some, there was a realization they may not have planned their Christmas break as well as others.

For others, their days were hit with unexpected issues.

For many, it was a moment to reacquaint themselves with basic information, like the days of the week.

And even for those who didn’t have an actual office to go to, it was time to switch the brain from party time to business.

Still, at least there were some grateful souls out there spreading the love.

And for anyone feeling too sorry for themselves, it was worth remembering that some people had been at work over Christmas.

Only two days until the weekend…