Dallas Man Goes On Carjacking Spree, Demands Tacos 🤔

Roberto A. Canamar Garza, 26, was arrested in Dallas for an oddly-motivated carjacking spree on Christmas Eve. Canamar Garcia reportedly started things off by jumping into a vehicle and threatening the driver with a handgun — while demanding to be taken to get tacos.

The driver then dropped Canamar Garza off at a tire shop in an effort to get rid of him. Outside the tire shop, he threatened another man with his handgun, outside his vehicle, again demanding tacos.

He turned to threaten another man and fired two shots into the door of the shop as the man ran inside to escape him. He then fired several rounds at the second man, hitting him in the lower body, and climbed into his vehicle in an attempt to steal it.

He was reportedly unable to start the vehicle, so ran into the street and attempted to carjack another driver. Failing in this attempt as well, he went to another tire shop in the vicinity and again entered a vehicle and threatened its driver. The driver struggled with Canamar Garza over his weapon, which discharged during the fight. He then fled from the vehicle.

A passing witness tried to hold Canamar Garza at gunpoint until police could arrive, but he charged the passerby and the two were still struggling over the gun when police arrived on the scene.

Canamar Garza is charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of aggravated kidnapping.

Twitter did not disappoint when it came to reactions:

With his bail set at $500,000, Canamar Garza will likely not be getting those tacos anytime soon.


Tacos are apparently quite the motivator, as they were also involved in this 2009 crime. A man brandished a machete at an Illinois man and demanded the bag of tacos he was holding, then took off without stealing anything else.

And the temporary taco insanity is strong in Oregon, too. There’s this guy, Joseph Ristick, who thought it was okay to assault the manager at a Taco Bell in Gresham because his order was too slow — after he’d asked for a job application. Ristik was charged with fourth-degree assault in June 2018. Gresham police posted about the incident on Facebook, calling it “a lesson on how NOT to apply for a job.”

“Clearly Ristick would go through great lengths to get someone a quick and tasty taco,” the post said, “but pretty sure he’s not getting an interview anytime soon.”

In August 2018 in Aloha, Oregon, Erik and Katyra Stratton were so upset by the omission of hot sauce from their order that they threw tacos at employees through the drive-thru window. Erik then went in to further berate them. He was charged with second degree disorderly conduct.