#DisneyTaughtMeThis Is Trending On Twitter—And The Results Are Magically Hilarious ????

Disney lovers, this article is essentially a celebration of you! So grab your mouse ears, prepare your speech on why Journey To Atlantis is totally underrated, and let’s make some magic happen!

Recently, a hashtag started trending and we’re all ready to play along. #DisneyTaughtMeThis is almost impossible not to relate to. Disney films have been a childhood institution for millions of boys and girls, men and women, cats and dogs, magical ponies, a few generations of lions and more mice than we can shake a magic wand at. We’ve all bippity boppity boo’d and hakuna matata’d. So it’s really not a shocker that people were SO INTO THIS HASHTAG because Disney has taught us all lots of stuff.

People learned a lot about their emotions and how to handle them. 

We also learned a lot about fashion… 

And, of course, relationships — though maybe some of these lessons need to be re-thought.

Most important, people have learned about the power of self and that all of us, in our own ways, are already great. 


Tell us what lessons you learned from the wonderful world of Disney!