Girl Caught On Video Doing The Macarena During Prayer At Church—And We Totally Get It 😂

If you’ve been to a church service at any point in your life, you’re likely aware that they tend to be reserved for prayer, providing entire communities with a space for valuable personal reflection and quiet contemplation. Suffice it to say that church isn’t a time for shenanigans, okay?

But there are always stories out there about people who push the envelope — whether they intend to or not. (Have you been to a church before? It’s pretty easy to push the envelope once you’re in one.)

YouTuber Christian Suddreth went to church expecting a regular sermon. He ended up capturing a young girl doing the Macarena during the sinner’s prayer.

You can watch the video below.

This little girl’s got the moves, too. The video soon went viral via Reddit. People had plenty to say about it.

“If you remove the music and don’t know any Spanish, the Macarena looks like a demon summoning ritual.”


“And the Lord said, ‘Thou shalt do the Macarena'”


“How did they not just burst into tears laughing lmao”


“As a Catholic, now I know that feeling you all get when you hear about our strange ways.”


We’ve been waiting for this comment all our lives:

“Hey little sinner i wanna put some christdom in ya Wanna put some cristdom in ya cause your a dirty sinner When a put a little christdom inside a dirty sinner They say HEEEEEEEEY MACARENA!!!”


People had plenty to say on YouTube, too.

erlend ekseth.
Wendy Muir.
be it.


And look! We even heard from Jesus Christ himself!

Jesus Christ.


Believe it or not, the Macarena, released by pop duo Los del Río in 1994, would be a perfect fit for a “sinner’s prayer.” The song is about a girl named Macarena who cheats on her boyfriend with two other guys after he’s drafted into the Army.

The song’s meaning is explained below:

We apologize in advance for ruining your childhoods!