Woman Asks Twitter To Reveal The Strangest Presents They Received For Christmas—And, Hoo Boy, Did They Ever ????

Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle, so it’s understandable that not every gift you receive will be a perfect fit.

Sometimes you have to wonder, though, if the person doing the giving deliberately set out to find the strangest thing possible.

Bri Pritchett told BuzzFeed News that she actually helped her mother pick out her bizarre gift this year:

“I got down a really weird rabbit hole on Amazon one day that led me to it, and I thought it was so funny.”

So she decided to ask Twitter to share their odd gifts as well, “I thought the gift was hilarious, and I knew other people probably also got some really funny stuff, so I wanted to start a thread.”

Twitter definitely did not disappoint!

There was a distinct Nicolas Cage trend.

Others chose to go a different route.

Some took a more hands-on approach and made their gifts.

Jeff Goldblum also put in an appearance or two.

Even our unstoppable Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, gets to be on a pillow!

Bottom line: If you can’t think of the perfect gift for someone in your life, at least get them something interesting.