Kentucky Police Mourn Krispy Kreme Truck That Caught Fireβ€”And Their Pain Is Palpable 😒

Just before they rang in 2019, police officers in Lexington, Kentucky suffered an unimaginable loss: a Krispy Kreme truck.

The Lexington police department posted heartbreaking photos to Twitter, showing a Krispy Kreme truck that had caught fire.

Also pictured were three different officers overcome by their grief.

The pictures were captioned with:

“No words. 😭”

The discovery of the burned truck prompted the humorous police officers to jokingly post about the loss of their favorite treat.

Fellow police stations mourned alongside their Lexington cohorts.

Civilians also joined in on the fun.

The officers even caught the attention and sympathy of their donut king.

What an amazing and hilarious way to welcome the New Year.