Turns Out The Ridges On The Bottom Of Salt And Pepper Shakers Serve A Purpose—And People Are Shook ????

Over the past few months, “How old were you when you learned…?” questions have made their rounds throughout social media, resulting in responses of “I was today years old when…

Mind-blowing discoveries have ranged from childhood games…

How old were you when you learned that TAG stood for ‘touch and go’?

…to useful office skills…

“How old were you when you found out that staples can be placed on the bottom of the stapler?”

…to fun television facts.

The most recent question that has finally received its answer has to do with our most beloved seasonings.

“How old were y’all when you found out the ridges on the bottom of the salt/pepper shakers had a purpose?”

If you can’t watch the video right now, it shows someone attempting to shake pepper into a bowl.

As most pepper lovers know, it takes a lot of shakes to get just a little bit of pepper.

However, the person in the video proceeds to run the ridges from the bottom of the salt shaker along the ridges of the bottom of the upside-down pepper shaker.

The results are an instantaneous plethora of pepper.


People’s lives are forever changed.

Turns out it actually works:

There is some dispute over whether or not that’s the actual purpose of the ridges. Regardless, my life is forever changed for the better.