The Woman Caught Dunking Her Chicken In Soda At The U.S. Open Just Made A Music Video That We Can’t Unsee ????

If you thought you’d seen the last of Alexa Greenfield, the woman caught dipping a chicken tender in soda at the U.S. Open last September, think again.

On Friday, the 26-year-old Long Island resident (@slickenfingers) released a music video called “Chicken Soda” that leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her forbidden love of the uncommon combo.

But be warned, once you’ve seen this video, you won’t be able to clear your mind of the images anytime soon:

Some people were as appalled by the video as they were when Greenfield first came under fire at the U.S. Open:

A lot of people just wanted it to end:

While others drew a comparison to Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame:

In an interview with The Washington Post at the time of the U.S. Open incident, Greenfield said she dipped her chicken in soda to show her nephews, who were with her at the tennis match, something she did as a kid and had learned from her father. She also copped to carrying on the tradition into adulthood at stadiums from time to time.

She said:

“And I started by saying to them: ‘Listen, guys, I’m going to do something, it’s a really big secret, don’t tell your parents, don’t tell any adults, don’t tell anyone ’cause it’s really weird and I’m a little embarrassed by it. It’s a secret.’ And then they caught me.” 

Despite the wave of backlash following the initial incident when some commenters went as far as to call her a “psychopath,” Greenfield continued to unapologetically dip her chicken in soda at other sporting events.

Now she’s capitalizing on her moment in the spotlight with Chicken Soda merchandise available on her Facebook:

But as this commenter pointed out, Greenfield is not the first woman to bathe in food in an unforgettable way:

We don’t know about you, but we have a funny taste in our mouths.