Woman Gets A Little Too Into Her First VR Experience—And It Does Not End Well For Her ????????

Virtual reality is a burgeoning trend in the world of gaming. Giving players a totally immersive experience has proved endlessly exciting for users and creators alike. Sometimes, however, virtual reality can get a little too real. That is exactly what happened when a woman dropped a grenade in a virtual reality landscape.

We’ll let you see for yourself what happened next.

Yup, she instinctively tried to escape the grenade she just dropped and ran head-first into a wall.

And it turns out she’s not alone.

And this person had a rather good point.

To which an intrepid tweeter replied…

AR means augmented reality. It combines virtual elements with the environment around you so there’s still some sense of your real physical surroundings.

Somehow that doesn’t sound quite as entertaining as smacking into walls.