Woman Goes Viral At Basketball Game For Her Thirsty AF Reaction To Player ????

A video of a woman having an epic reaction to something at Monday night’s Spurs/Pacers game at San Antonio’s AT&T Center has gone viral—and people are speculating what it was that caught her eye.

In the video, the woman is sitting courtside holding a drink and looking disinterested when Spurs player LaMarcus Aldridge walks by. Over the course of the seven-second clip, her expression quickly changes to a wide-eyed, slack-jawed look of appreciation. A second later she grabs her phone, presumably to take a photo.

Check it out (but try to ignore the gross humor of the video’s poster, Daniel Mohajer):

So just what was this woman thinking at this moment? Was she marveling at Aldridge’s 6’11” height? What’s with the guy behind her? He also seems to be looking at something and smiling. And is the man next to the woman her boyfriend? These are just some of the questions we want answers to.

Of course, commenters have their own ideas about what it could have been:

Some other ideas:

Some good advice:

There was a lot of speculation about the man next to her and how he might feel about it:

Or it could just have been the woman realizing Aldridge’s proximity, as this commenter speculated: 

Unless someone tracks the woman down for an interview, we can only guess.