Excuse Me While I Hibernate For The Winter While Eating This 27-Pound Tub Of Mac and Cheese

Anyone else fantasizing about this INCREDIBLY THICK 27-pound tub of mac and cheese from Costco?

Plenty of folks online are buzzing over the extra-bulk size container that holds over 180 servings of the beloved pasta dish. Though it seems excessive, I’m guessing Costco envisions an impending apocalyptic scenario in which bunkers of people chow down on powdered mac and cheese for decades.

Apocalypse or not, the gigantic vats of elbow macaroni and cheese sauce quickly sold out.

For $89.99, shameless mac and cheese addicts and paranoid bunker builders can load up on pasta that’s guaranteed fresh for 20 years. What a deal! I’m actually tempted to quit work and hibernate for the rest of winter.

Mac and cheese fans can’t resist the 27-pound tub of cheesiness. 

Others were more skeptical of the gigantic tub. 

Somehow, the idea of doomsday and mac and cheese go together perfectly.

Costco continues to release bulk-size tubs of popular foods.

But some on Twitter are just plain grossed out.

Sure, $90 worth of powdered macaroni doesn’t sound all that appealing at face value, but it might come in handy one day. With President Donald J. Trump at the helm, a macaroni and cheese flavored apocalypse is entirely plausible.