Comedian Tweets Conversation About Inflated Food Prices And We Totally Get It

Fast food and takeout is a beautiful thing. It allows us to go about our very busy daily lives without skipping lunches.

Oftentimes people can be seen eating their to-go lunches at their desks, or whatever their place of work.

In cities like New York, favorite lunch joints can be seen with lines that wrap around the block.

In fact, it seems as though the carryout lunch routine has bred an entirely new cultural habit, especially within urban centers.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the fast food lunch routine is the outlandish prices people pay for their one-time meal that doesn’t even include table service.

The people who frequently purchase their lunches only to bring it back to work also typically try to conserve their calories for after-work happy hours.

So more traditional fast food restaurants that sling burgers and fries aren’t typically experiencing the block-long lunch lines in cities like NYC.

Because of the demand for healthier options, restaurants that specialize in things like salads have been on the rise.

Brooklyn-based comedian, Andy Ward recently took to Twitter to chronicle just what it’s like to order one of these salads in New York City.

Sound crazy?


But people everywhere are nodding their heads vigorously while also trying to decide whether they should laugh or cry.

Others couldn’t help but point out the alternative.

I feel seen.