PowerPoint Presentation Drinking Parties Are A Thing, And I Need To Get My Learn On 😂

There’s no situation that can’t be improved with PowerPoint. Or with alcohol.

Twitter user @Miexriir proved this point beyond a shadow of a doubt when she posted several pictures of a new trend: PowerPoint parties! 

No, this is not a joke! Please stop laughing and take PowerPoint seriously (as one should).

For entry into a PowerPoint party, guests must prepare a three-minute presentation on a topic of their choice.

Michal’s subject? 

Twitter: @Miexriir
Twitter: @Miexriir


Needless to say, she nailed it.

Twitter: @Miexriir


Twitter: @Miexriir


Winning best presentation is no easy feat! The rules to PowerPoint parties are as complex as they are challenging.

Twitter: @Miexriir


Twitter was incredibly impressed by Michal’s presentation!

A lot of people online wanted to hear the presentation in person!

The hardcore sonic fans brought up a couple small points of contention, however.

People’s most common reaction to the post, however?

A deep, burning desire to attend a PowerPoint party.

Anyone who can delve so deeply into Shadow the Hedgehog is capable of greatness.

There WERE a couple of Debbie Downers who didn’t immediately understand the fun or organization.

Fortunately, those voices were drowned out by the rightfully impressed!

Well done, @Miexriir! Not only did you win the night’s competition, you’ve also won at life by finding us all our favorite new hobby!