People Are Identifying Hard With This Woman Who Imagines She’s Pregnant When It’s Just A Food Baby ????

Safe at home, we all have our own little set of bizarre rituals, games, or wild scenarios we like to imagine — even though we might never admit them lest our friends and family look at us funny. Chances are, though, more than one person shares at least one of your weird personal habits.

Everyone can relate to that bloated feeling you get after a big meal, but London student Fatimah Waheeb wondered if she was the only one who looked down at her stomach and pretended to be pregnant while carrying her “food baby.”

So after a meal one night Fatimah shared a candid photo of her bloated bundle of joy on Twitter, convinced she couldn’t be the only one who did this.

She was right.

She asked if anyone else had pictures, but probably didn’t expect the overwhelming reception she was about to receive.

Fatimah was not alone.

The thread soon blew up and it seemed like all women had nursed a food baby at some point.

Fatimah later told Buzzfeed News that she wasn’t all that shocked by the response.

“I wasn’t that surprised because I know if I get extremely bloated loads of other women would too and it’s nice to know other women get as bloated as I do and pretend to be pregnant! It’s 2019 and I feel like more women are becoming more accepting about the ‘flaws’ in our bodies and we’re embracing while also making light of it as well and I love it.”

As it turned out women weren’t the only ones who did this, a few guys joined the thread with pictures of their own.

With so many people sharing the same experience, it was hard not to smile at the wholesome thread.

Because it is always nice to know you aren’t the only one with a weird secret habit.